Retractable Canopy, Pergola Canopy & Under Pergola Canopy System

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Ideal to cover verandas, terraces and roof gardens, retractable canopies can provide shade around your pool and provide the atmosphere you need for outdoor entertaining. These unique systems can be installed free standing or mounted to a home, pool house or other outdoor structure.

With the addition of rafters, you can turn your Betterliving Canopy into a pergola canopy. Both are versatile shading structures that retract manually or with motorized operation and feature a host of fabric choices that match your home decor to create a comfortable outdoor space!

If you already own a pergola, get more from it with a canopy system from Betterliving. Adding an under-pergola canopy greatly increases shade underneath the pergola. Add side curtains for your privacy, to block a light breeze, and to prevent the glare of a low sun.

All Betterliving Canopies feature:

  • Acrylic awning fabric, water resistant polyester, PVC-coated polyester or fiberglass mesh screen

  • Versatility - Mix or match top cover and side curtains

  • Manual operation with a wind-proof latch

  • Open sides or retractable side curtains with built in side tracks – motorized or manual

  • Residential and commercial applications

The perfect solution to shade the lounging area near your pool! Keep a healthy control on your tan. When the sun is too harsh for safe sunbathing, just close the canopy and enjoy cool shade!

A new sensation from Europe - and an improvement for open pergolas. Use for sun shelter; free standing or attached to adjacent structures. Ideal by the pool or for any outdoor patio or deck. Check out the retractable canopy photos below  or click the button to view pictures of our Under-Pergola Canopy Systems. 

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