Service + Repair

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our work and want our confidence to be your confidence. That’s why we offer our lifetime limited warranty on any sunroom we build, as well as generous warranties on our other products.

Highest Quality Craftsmanship

We are committed to providing Kansas City home owners with the highest quality craftsmanship. To meet our high standards we use superior products that are custom-fit to your job. This allows us to eliminate most pesky and annoying sunroom repairs.

Kansas City Area Sunroom Repairs

While our completed sunroom builds should require very little maintenance, some causes for sunroom repair might occur. We’ve been called out to fix small problems in sunrooms such as broken glass, structure settling or broken handles or wheels. We have also been called out to investigate sunroom repair concerns on builds that we did not build such as leaks, weak roofing systems, glass problems and more. Even if we did not build your sunroom, we’re happy to investigate why you’re experiencing problems at no charge.

Specializing in Sunroom Repair & Maintenance Calls

After several decades in the Kansas City sunroom business, we have met many customers who need repair and maintenance services on their sunrooms – whether we built them or not.