Solar Shades for Windows and Doors, Porches and Sunrooms

The most efficient way to block the heat of the sun is from the outside - before it has a chance to heat the glass windows and doors! Exterior solar shades can block the sun's heat while still providing visibility to the outside. Betterliving Solar Shades pay for themselves year after year by reducing energy costs and protecting your furnishings from harmful UV rays that may cause fading. They also add privacy to your outdoor living space.

Motorized options for joined solar shade units include common operators which control all joined shades with one push of a button, or separate operators to give you flexibility to adjust each shade independently. 

  • Solar Shade SERIES I – The fabric travels down a track. 

  • Solar Shade SERIES II – The fabric travels down a track with a zipper design to completely close off your porch or patio from insects.

  • Shades can be made with acrylic exterior awning fabric, PVC coated polyester or fiberglass screen. Polyester and fiberglass screen is available in 5% to 40% openness to control how much light you want to enter your home.

Exterior Solar Shade Gallery

Drastically reduce energy costs by blocking the sun before it has a chance to heat up the window glass. Both of our Solar Shade Series I and Series II reduce solar heat gain and help to prevent costly window treatments and furnishings from fading.

Series 1 Series 2

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