Sunroom Additions


Sunroom Additions

We all enjoy the natural light of sunrooms. However, our custom made sunrooms lined with glass walls also need to be covered for privacy from time to time. Our Shading Options allow you to control the amount of light and privacy you desire.

Blinds and Shades-

We offer a great selection of blinds and shades as sunroom additions. You can choose from a variety of materials, styles, colors and sizes to match your preferences. We supply products built to withstand the wide range of conditions found in sun rooms. Plus, blinds can help conserve energy costs and maintain the comfort level of your sun rooms. Some of your sunroom addition options will include:

  • Vertical blinds

  • Aluminum blinds

  • Cellular shades (block harmful UV light)

  • Roller shades (sleek & compact, offer motorized control)

  • Solar Shades

  • Horizontal Shades



Betterliving offers a variety of accessories and options to customize your shade products and simplify your life.



Control your shade products with a smartphone or tablet

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 12.50.52 PM.png

With MyLink, it's easy to stay in control and operate your motorized shade products whether you're at home or out running errands. No more worries about forgetting to retract your products into their protective cassette before you leave. Just open the app while you're out and extend your awning or exterior shades so they start cooling off your outdoor space or home before you're ready to relax.

With mylink you can:

  • maximize energy savings, privacy and UV protection with the push of a button, even when you're not at home

  • Schedule when your awning opens and closes

  • Control up to five individual motorized applications or five groups of motorized applications


Sun & Rain Sensors

Your Awning, Canopy or Exterior Solar Shades will automatically operate if they detect sun or rain

Rain Sensor for Awnings Betterliving of Kansas City

The rain and sun sensor quickly responds to changes in weather to create a more comfortable outdoor living space. With six available modes based on personalized weather conditions, your product will automatically extend when sunny or retract when rainy. If you need to run out for a few minutes and an unexpected rainstorm blows in, your awning, canopy, or exterior shades will retract on its own. By automatically extending when the sun is shining, they will help you save on energy costs by keeping your home's interior cooler. 

Other benefits include

  • solar-powered operation means no wires or electricity

  • saves energy by reducing heat gain/loss depending on seasonal preferences

  • protect outdoor furniture from the sun's damaging rays

  • five-year warranty


Light Kit

Ambient light for your deck or patio 

Awning Light Kit by Betterliving of Kansas City

With the dimmable LED light kit, you can spend more time on your deck or patio enjoying the outdoors into the night. The light kit seamlessly and easily integrates into the awning's arms.  Your light kit is controlled with the same device that you control your awning and is compatible with mylink. It can either be built into the awning before installation or you can add it onto an existing awning.


Wind Sensor

Your Awning will automatically retract when it detects wind

Awning Wind Sensor by Betterliving of KC

Strong winds can damage an awning, but with the wind sensor, your awning will automatically retract into its protective cassette when wind is detected. The wind sensor attaches to the front bar of your awning and senses when wind starts to pick up. It allows for peace of mind that your awning will be safe in windy conditions, even when you're not at home to close it.


Vario Valance

Additional sun and glare protection 

Additional Privacy for Awnings and Pergolas Kansas City

A vario valance is a retractable shade option that attaches to the front bar of your awning and drops vertically to provide additional protection from the sun. Available in either screen or acrylic fabric, it will help you enjoy your deck or patio without the harsh glare of the evening sun.


Side Curtains + Horizontal Shades

Privacy and additional sun protection for your Canopy

Side Curtains

Add optional side curtains on retractable canopies and pergola canopies on any or all sides – in a variety of fabrics and color choices. You may choose to put them on just one side of your canopy or pergola to help block the sun when it's lower in the sky, or maybe you want them on every side to better enclose the area and protect your privacy.


Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 12.57.59 PM.png

A variety of motor options are available for your shade products. Motorized awnings, canopies and shades are easy to operate with remote control or wall switch. Systems that sense sun and wind will extend or retract your awning automatically.

The motorized options vary depending on the size and style of the product you select. Some options incur additional cost.


Sun rooms can be accessorized to bring in the optimal level of natural light while keeping privacy in mind. There in no good reason not to enjoy your sun rooms the way you want to with these sunroom additions!