Tension Shade


Ultimate Retractable Shade

Bring more comfort to your large deck, patio, conservatory, or pergola by adding cool, retractable shade with Betterliving® Tension Shade Systems.  They are unique shade solutions that can be mounted above or below existing structures, or mounted to a wall and supported with legs.  With the push of a button, you can create total shade for your outdoor living space.  For conservatories or glass roofs, Tension Shades will lower the temperature of your living area and keep your furnishings from being damaged by the sun's harsh rays. For pergolas or large decks and patios, they will provide sturdy shade and sun protection.  

Betterliving Tension Shade Systems offer:

  • up to twice the amount of shade as a traditional awning

  • a great shading solution for sloped glass roofs

  • Solution-dyed acrylic fabric housed inside a protective cassette when not in use

  • Variety of fabric colors available in both solid and striped patterns 

  • Strong warranty backed by the manufacturer

Betterliving offers two models of tension shades:

Tension Shade Model 1

Tension Shade Model 1

This Model can be installed above or below an existing glass roof or pergola, and the fabric glides along rails that are at the edge of the fabric. It is ideal for adding shade to glass roofs, conservatories, or pergolas.

Tension Shade Model 2

Tension Shade Model 2

This model can be installed above an existing structure or mounted to a wall and supported with sturdy aluminum framework. The fabric glides on rails that are inset from the edge of the fabric, and it is ideal for shading large decks or patios, as well as pergolas, conservatories, or glass roofs.

Tension Shade Gallery

Tension Shade Systems offer up to twice as much shade as a standard awning, making them ideal for large porches and patios as well as installation over or under glass roofs or pergolas.